True anonymity for Bitcoin users on Tor

What we offer:

• Safe storage: we keep most of the bitcoins in secure encrypted offline storage.
• Very simple user interface, no complicated options and settings.
• Anonymous registration: We dont need any private data.
• Transaction fee: Dynamic to make sure your transaction does not get stuck.
• Washed bitcoin! You will always get get completely different bitcoin on withdrawals with no "taint" to your receiving address.

Get started using Bitcoin in 2 simple steps:

• Register an account with Shadow Wallet, write down both your username and password and keep them in a safe place.
• Purchase bitcoin and send it to your bitcoin address in your Shadow Wallet account using one of the following exchange services: - Buy bitcoin quickly using credit/debit cards - Buy bitcoin person to person and with cash
r/bitcoin-reddit-post - Big list of many more Bitcoin exchanges without KYC.
You can also look for a bitcoin ATM near you.(Note: bitcoin ATM price markups can be quite high)

Why you should use Shadow Wallet:

Bitcoin and bitcoin wallets aren't really anonymous by them selves, they only provide so called pseudonymity, which means as long as no one knows which bitcoin addresses you are using, you are anonymous.
That anonymity is easily destroyed when you deal with some party that knows your real identity, for example if you sell or buy bitcoins on an exchange.
With more and more exchanges and other services following AML and KYC policies, its getting really hard to stay anonymous from government agency's when dealing with bitcoin.
Shadow Wallet helps you break that chain, since it's hosted at a Tor hidden service, no one will know who we are, we don't have to follow any AML and KYC policies, so we cant be forced to give out any of our users information.
Even if we wanted to, we don't have much information about our users since through tor we don't see any ips or other sensitive data.
Shadow Wallet mixes all bitcoin, which makes tracing you on the blockchain impossible.

Free Bitcoin Mixer

Launder your bitcoin without any fees, all we charge is the dynamic network fee which we fully pay to the network/miners.
For mixing your bitcoin, or washing them, it is best to use a Tor hidden service like Shadow Wallet because all mixers operating a clearnet website, including coinfog, are subject to government control.

Using bitcoin with Tor

When using bitcoin together with Tor you are combining the best online money with the best encryption and privacy technology available.
Its simply not possible to know you arent under surveilance when using normal internet websites for managing your bitcoin.
Only a shared Bitcoin Web Wallet hosted as a Tor hidden service will provide you maximum anonymity and privacy!

Tor Bitcoin Wallet

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